Combining tradition and vanguard. Design and craftsmanship. Enhancing art. Making visible the manual work of great artisans around Spain. This project consisted of developing the branding for Manifiesto, a brand that worships decorative objects and the nobility of manual work.

Just like the brand's central idea, as a studio, we decided to create an identity that combines opposite worlds, or at least distant ones. On one side, everything that relates to a mechanical, exact, linear aspect. On the other side, we deal with organic, hand-crafted, and inexact elements.

This brand is a "pause" in a hyper-industrialised world. It emphasizes the revaluation of craftsmanship, respect for the handmade and the importance of personal creation. And seeks to combine this with the demands of today's world.


Branding & Graphic Design: @lalibertad.tnc
Ph Art Direction: @maju_maj Industrial
Industrial Design: @tavoheredia__ Photo: @msolzavala
Barcelona, 2021

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